Sunday 6 September 2020

Tiles done!

This is the Mortalis tiles done! Tbh it's been a little bit of a slog. It's not that they're particularly tricky to paint - more that there were a good few stages and a lot of plastic to cover. Being quite new to painting scenery, it also felt strange painting the floor. Not sure why. I'm pleased how they've turned out either way! Eventually, there'll be 16 for a full 4*4 table. For now 3*3 is fine.

There is some method to how they've been painted. The open hazard squares are for silos and the blocks for smaller stuff. The plainer tiles will be for Mortalis scenery, which will have more hazard stripes at higher levels. The plan is to keep everything as modular as possible and there will be half tiles and Mechanicus and Mortalis height risers added at a later date to play with height and stagger things up. Don't hold your breath, though - I move at a snails pace!

Saturday 15 August 2020

Neverending scenery

Hey guys. I took a week off work to get some painting done as the last 3 months have been a whitewash and made some headway on the table. The Mortalis tiles, which have been a worry for a while, came out as intended first time. That's a pretty rare thing for me!

Scavvies on the scrounge!

The transfers are from the Battle Bunnies blog and i'm chuffed how they turned out. The rest was painted similar to the how to on my furnace. Hit me up if you want more detail.

There's also a couple of bits of Sector scenery and a junky 3D printed lift.

This is Doug and he's pissed off. He'll get a story someday

I have a test scheme for the Mortalis walls that looks pretty cool, but the process takes too long for the mountain of them that still need doing and it's back to the drawing board. Here's what it looks like before being reborn in the stripping bucket.

That's it for now. I'll hopefully have an update in a few months with the Sector stuff and tiles all done. 

Stay safe!

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Part 6: Stressed Steve and Drunk Dave

Stressed Steve

Drunk Dave

"The thing about Drunk Dave is .. Drunk Dave's bloody useless."


"Dave, are you drunk?" said Steve, eyeing up a gently swaying Drunk Dave.

Dave's face broke into a broad, lopsided grin. "Is the emperor a vegetable?" 

"Great." replied Steve. "Bloody great!" They were meant to be clearing out the Scaly pens and the last thing he needed was a rat-arsed Dave staggering around and ballsing things up.

"Ah, stop being so stressed" said Dave, swigging from a can of brake fluid.

"I am not stressed!" Steve muttered through gritted teeth.

"Well .. you look pretty stressed, mate."

"That's only cause i'm paired up with you, you useless tit!"

Dave's grin grew even larger. "Come on, mate, you don't mean that?!" He put an arm around Steve's shoulders. "Need a hug?"

"Piss off, Dave."

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Beast Mode

Being housebound due to Corona has some advantages and the guys are finally all kitted out and ready for painting. Meet Beast Mode. They're original lead and Fanatic Goliaths, with some new bits added to bring them up to date with N20. It's taken a fair bit longer than planned to get them done - partly due to lack of experience with modding/green stuff and partly due to the discovery that pewter is horrible to work with! There's one guy not shown. He's going to remain secret for the foreseeable and, if I don't balls it up, should be pretty epic.

Now to make them match their finished bros ..

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Getting my terrain on

For what seems like forever, i've been working through the Sector Mechanicus scenery.

The first furnace is finished and the recipe for weathering the walkways is settled on with a 1/3 of them done. The rest are close to being finished. The Dark Uprising boxset is still on the sprue and there's loads of stanchions, barricades, pipes etc still to do .. but best not think about that right now!

Slowly but surely ..

Pretty happy with this! (click here for a painting guide)

Rusted up walkways

A snippet of what's to come

Thursday 2 January 2020

Crimbo painting

I managed to get a good few days hobby time over Christmas and finished test schemes for my Sector and Necromunda kit. I'm chuffed with how they turned out and tbh it's a bit of a relief as it's taken a fair bit of trial and error to find a scheme that feels suitably grungy and Necromunda but not too brown and boring. Scenery will now be the focus and there's a shed load more to do!

Muties taking cover!

And few more Goliath to add to the gang.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Goliaths are up next

I was set on Enforcers for the next gang. Had the lists worked out, colour scheme, and then picked up and started painting this dude. You go where the paintbrush takes you! More to come ..