Sunday 6 September 2020

Tiles done!

This is the Mortalis tiles done! Tbh it's been a little bit of a slog. It's not that they're particularly tricky to paint - more that there were a good few stages and a lot of plastic to cover. Being quite new to painting scenery, it also felt strange painting the floor. Not sure why. I'm pleased how they've turned out either way! Eventually, there'll be 16 for a full 4*4 table. For now 3*3 is fine.

There is some method to how they've been painted. The open hazard squares are for silos and the blocks for smaller stuff. The plainer tiles will be for Mortalis scenery, which will have more hazard stripes at higher levels. The plan is to keep everything as modular as possible and there will be half tiles and Mechanicus and Mortalis height risers added at a later date to play with height and stagger things up. Don't hold your breath, though - I move at a snails pace!


  1. Damn man, these are so cool. You've definitely nailed that dirty underhive look. I find the amount of terrain needed hella daunting. It took me months just to finish off the stuff in the box (y'know the barricades and doors...).

    1. Thanks mate :) Yeah it is daunting and there's more than double left to do. On the other hand - where's the fun in finishing?! This table will be a living thing that evolves and gets added to over the years. So many plans, so little time!